Within construction division, the Group is also participating in project management roles of construction projects, which entails functions such as Design & Build, Building and Infrastructure Projects include planning, costing and implementation, procurement for building materials, labour and etc.

On 6 May 2016, the Group had secured a contract amounting to RM30.86 million to carry out project management and sub- contract works for a proposed affordable housing development project in Melaka, Malaysia.


SC Estate Builder Berhad is carrying out its expansion plan via increasing its range of product offerings under its building materials division to cater the construction needs of other forms of buildings, including residential, commercial, industrial and infrastructure-typed developments. This allows the Group to penetrate a broader spectrum of building projects within the construction sector.

The Group plans to add new products to its existing building materials inventory, which shall further include industrialised building system (IBS) related products, concrete piles, ready-mixed concrete, steel bar, timber products, sanitary products, mechanical and electrical related products. Having such inventory in hand enables the Group to market a wider range of building materials and other related products, and in turn enhancing its market reputation and appeal within the building materials and other related end-users industries.

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